IBM iConnect Access

IBM iConnect Access Aggregating image access and exchange, with rich collaboration IBM iConnect Access is a true zero download web viewer, available in any browser. Clinical data in its native format is aggregated from multiple sources to a ‘single pane of glass,’ with diagnostic quality real-time collaboration capabilities. By combining image exchange tools with the universal viewer, images can be shared throughout the enterprise or around the world with easy-to-use tools and on a powerful, scalable platform.


Avenel™ Avenel is an EHR for ambulatory practices that is built as an app and powered by machine learning. This cloud-based and mobile-first solution helps clinicians regain control of their time and better balance personal and professional priorities. Avenel learns how clinicians practice and what they need next, enabling them to save time with each patient encounter. It’s About Time. Our premise is simple - Technology should enhance your relationship with your patients and help you provide even better care.

Allscripts Professional EHR™

Allscripts Professional EHR™ Professional EHR is the preeminent platform of clinical, operational, financial and wellness solutions for small to mid-size physician practices, ACOs, PCMHs and FQHCs, for safer patient care, streamlined operations and improved revenue. Professional EHR is configurable, was designed by and is still influenced by clinicians, and has longevity in the market. Why Professional EHR Today’s ambulatory practices are facing significant challenges. Doctors are struggling to see more patients, speed documentation and diagnosis, and connect to other physicians, payers and pharmacies, all while complying with changing regulatory mandates.

Allscripts® Community Care

A fully integrated EHR as a service for community hospital needs. That’s Allscripts Community Care. Why Allscripts Community Care? The challenges healthcare organizations are facing today are numerous. Today’s community hospitals are struggling with increasing complexity, limited resources, and increasing operating costs. Your organization needs a fully-supported solution that can work with a single platform across clinical, financial, and ambulatory care settings, so your care teams can get the right information at the right time, resulting in the right decisions.

Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR

Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR The TouchWorks® EHR platform is comprised of clinical, operational, financial and wellness solutions for medium to large, single or multi-specialty physician practices, MSOs and IDNs, for safer care and success in population health initiatives. TouchWorks EHR helps physician practices drive efficiencies, streamline workflows and enhance the user experience. Why TouchWorks? Enabling your clinicians to provide the best patient-focused care in your practice can be a challenge. With Allscripts partnership and TouchWorks® EHR software, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Sunrise™ Sunrise is a comprehensive single-platform acute, ambulatory and revenue cycle solution for hospitals and health systems that provides a single patient record for more informed patient care. Sunrise includes a business intelligence and analytics solution with combined clinical and financial data to help organizations improve quality measures, and address antibiotic stewardship, the opioid crisis and infection control. Why Sunrise? The challenges facing today’s hospitals and health systems are numerous.


Paragon® Paragon is a cost-effective, robust, single-platform acute, ambulatory and financial solution for community and critical access hospitals, enabling them to improve patient outcomes, and succeed in the complex and changing regulatory environment. Why Paragon? Providing compassionate, quality care to rural and critical access communities is a mission of the utmost importance. As the sole provider in your community, your patients look to you at all stages of their lives, and your care teams need to be ready—with the right information to make decisions and the tools to make a difference.

Leading Wisely

Leading Wisely is a new generation executive decision support system with personalized watch-lists, configurable visualizations and customizable alerts and notifications; giving you the data and foresight to deal with every-day and unexpected challenges. Features Visibility across all of your key measures and goals to strategize, balance, and optimize your performance. Provides a single source of cross-organizational truth via the Health Catalyst data warehouse. Gives real-time ability to slice-and-dice different vertical or horizontal views with additional drill-down capabilities.

FHIR Clinical Data Repository

FHIR Clinical Data Repository No need to build your own CDR. We have one for you. USE THE DATA. IT’S YOURS. Isn’t it about time you start making more meaningful use of the data that has been entered by hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients, in dozens of systems, day after day, year after year? FHIR was built to unleash the power of data in healthcare. A Clinical Data Repository based on FHIR is open and standardized, whereas most of your back-end systems and apps are proprietary and closed.

Change Healthcare Image Repository™

Change Healthcare Image Repository™ Image Repository is a vendor neutral archive solution for imaging departments that need an easy way to archive and manage medical imaging data with a single view of imaging information across disparate healthcare enterprises. Communicate, Consolidate & Collaborate With A True VNA Solution Reduce the number of individual systems that need maintenance and disaster recovery plans through centralized management of image data. Provide a better way to archive, manage and deliver your imaging data through a vendor neutral image repository.