#Certainty In a Single Test# Extended ambulatory cardiac monitoring with Zio gives you a larger and clearer window into your patient’s heart rhythm. Up to 14 days of uninterrupted monitoring helps ensure you don’t miss critical information. Find the answers you need in a single test and provide superior clinical service for your patients. #Easily Interpret up to 14 days of Comprehensive Reporting# The Zio report provides extensive detail in a clear and concise format.

DrChrono OnPatient Portal

Securely communicate with your patients through the OnPatient Portal and give them the power to take an active role in their managing their health. With the patient portal, patients can also set up appointments and pay bills online. Reduce no-shows with automated reminders and improve your revenue. With the OnPatient Portal, you have a tool that allows you to have direct access to your patients at any level you choose to.

Smart Practice Management

DrChrono understands that each practice is different. Unlike other electronic health record platforms, DrChrono offers an integrated practice management software that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice, the way your practice needs it. Whether small or big, create the practice you’ve dreamt of and equip yourself with the EHR system that improves patient engagement and their experience. You will soon be able to bypass various redundant tasks and realize significant productivity improvement.

Defining Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Defining Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Predictive analytics and machine learning in healthcare are rapidly becoming some of the most-discussed, perhaps most-hyped topics in healthcare analytics. Machine learning is a well-studied discipline with a long history of success in many industries. Healthcare can learn valuable lessons from this previous success to jumpstart the utility of predictive analytics for improving patient care, chronic disease management, hospital administration, and supply chain efficiencies. The opportunity that currently exists for healthcare systems is to define what “predictive analytics” means to them and how can it be used most effectively to make improvements.

The DrChrono EMR

The DrChrono EMR is built to be fully customizable for your practice’s specific needs. From inception, mobility was a central value. The DrChrono EMR has the unrivaled ability to be accessible from anywhere at any time. The native iPad software allows you to spend more time interacting with a patient and less time on a computer. With a cloud-based system and full integration across mobile devices, you can now provide healthcare on-demand with the most innovative tools currently available.

The Health Catalyst® Care Management Suite

The Health Catalyst® Care Management Suite Health Catalyst’s Care Management Suite delivers on care management’s five competencies: data integration, patient stratification and intake, care coordination, patient engagement, and performance measurement. Unlike patchwork care management products that require you to fill in gaps with manual workarounds, the Care Management Suite provides you with five integrated products to identify the right patients, get them the right care at the right time, and deliver the savings you need to realize value-based care.

Interactive Medical Assistant (IMA)

AiCure uses artificial intelligence to visually confirm medication ingestion. Their clinically-validated platform works on smartphones to reduce risk in clinical research and optimize patient behavior. #Intelligent observation.Better care.# We use AI to see, hear and understand how patients respond to treatment. We developed IMA, an interactive medical assistant to assist patients and ensure they receive treatment. IMA aggregates data so you can have access to meaningful clinical insights. - Our AI interacts with patients We believe that visual and audio data provide the most meaningful insights into patient health.


PharmacyOS is the only pharmacy system designed for people managing multiple medications Pharmacy Today Traditional pharmacy systems were designed to dispense individual prescriptions as efficiently as possible. They track and manage inventory, run insurance claims, and do basic clinical checks to make sure that a prescription from your doctor ends up as a pill bottle in your hand. Due to the design of these systems, most pharmacies can’t help customers manage the work associated with taking multiple medications.

FHIR Clinical Data Repository

FHIR Clinical Data Repository No need to build your own CDR. We have one for you. USE THE DATA. IT’S YOURS. Isn’t it about time you start making more meaningful use of the data that has been entered by hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients, in dozens of systems, day after day, year after year? FHIR was built to unleash the power of data in healthcare. A Clinical Data Repository based on FHIR is open and standardized, whereas most of your back-end systems and apps are proprietary and closed.

Wave Mini

Wave Mini Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor Airthings Wave Mini is your indoor air quality companion, allowing you to visualize the health and comfort levels in every room. When a room’s environment becomes less than optimal, Wave Mini will provide insights into the chemical and odor levels in your air. The Wave Mini is the perfect, cost-effective first step into understanding your indoor air quality, or a great addition to your existing Airthings air quality ecosystem.