IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits

IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits Drive accurate and personalized member interactions with a cost-effective engagement solution that understands health plan benefits logic, powered by AI. What it can do for your business IBM® Watson® Assistant for Health Benefits can drive fast, dynamic and personalized interactions with your members, at scale. It answers real-world questions about complex health plan benefits quickly and easily, in natural language that is easy to understand.

FHIR Clinical Data Repository

FHIR Clinical Data Repository No need to build your own CDR. We have one for you. USE THE DATA. IT’S YOURS. Isn’t it about time you start making more meaningful use of the data that has been entered by hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients, in dozens of systems, day after day, year after year? FHIR was built to unleash the power of data in healthcare. A Clinical Data Repository based on FHIR is open and standardized, whereas most of your back-end systems and apps are proprietary and closed.


MEDITECH EXPANSE fully interoperable web-based platform navigates the care continuum with unparalleled confidence, so you can see the full picture and treat the whole patient — no matter where you are. Providers today are using MEDITECH Expanse to transform care in ways they couldn’t, just a short time ago. Healthcare organizations are increasingly considering MEDITECH Expanse when selecting a new EMR system, according to a new report released by KLAS.


ALARM MANAGEMENT An estimated 85 percent to 991,2 percent of alarms in healthcare facilities don’t require clinical intervention. Because of this high percentage of insignificant alerts, clinicians can develop “alarm fatigue,” which can result in them tuning out these notifications and missing the alarms that truly signal a patient’s critical medical crisis. Monitor alarms are designed to alert caregivers to changes in a patient’s condition and can save lives. However, as the number of alarms encountered by clinicians on a daily basis rises, it has become difficult for caregivers to distinguish between clinically significant alarms and nuisance alarms.

ChARM EHR Software

About ChARM EHR ChARM EHR is a cloud-based EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing solution that helps healthcare organizations manage their business operations. Key features include document management, SOAP templates, e-Prescribing and clinical decision support. The ChARM patient portal, is accessible as soon as the patient is registered. Patient waiting time gets reduced when they use the portal to request future appointments, share medical history documents, and complete pre-appointment paperwork.


About 35 percentage of delays in studies are due to patient recruitment, nearly one-fifth of the participating investigators do not enroll any patients and about one- third only enroll 5 percentage of potential patients. In most programs, only one-third consistently enrolls patients. A properly designed and executed feasibility study can provide a comprehensive assessment of a clinical trial’s specific challenges as well as strategies to mitigate risks before startup activities begin.


Analytics with advanced business insights Birst® is a native cloud business intelligence (BI) and business analytics platform that helps organizations understand and optimize complex processes in less time than traditional BI solutions. Built with patented automation and machine learning technologies, Birst’s “networked BI” approach connects teams and applications across the enterprise via a trusted network of analytics and insights to inform smarter decisions. This unique approach helps leading companies improve profitability, reduce costs, increase revenues, and transform the way they do business—often in 90 days or less.

Auto reader

By utilizing adaptive learning and pattern recognition technology to eliminate the need for manual data input for tracking and statistical analysis, PenRad’s AutoReader saves time, resources and money. Radiologists continue to transcribe narrative reports while PenAutoReader automatically extracts exam information. Important information such as exam type, letter type, recall interval and BI-RADS are automatically extracted and stored for MQSA audit, tracking, statistics and unresolved case report generation. PenAutoReader Delivers: Improved economics with time, resources and cost savings Automation of data input for tracking and statistical analysis Increased flexibility with data extraction by customizing to each radiologist and by exam type Ability to process breast imaging exams including mammography, ultrasound, MRI, BSGI, stereotactic bx, US bx, MRI bx, Scintimammography bx, cryoablation, brachy, FNA, aspiration, localization, sentinel node and specimen imaging Crystal reports for statistical MQSA report generation, practice management, data mining and export.

hbCOR - Interoperability

Streamline data capture through the use of real-time interfaces to hospital systems including: EHRs, Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems, EP Recording Equipment, Labs, Pharmacy, Billing/Financial, Inventory, & more. Key Features Streamlined Data Capture — Discrete data elements are imported to their corresponding heartbase® fields — no manual re-entry. Decreased Data Redundancy Improved Data Accuracy Decreased FTE Expenses Customized Field Collection Full Audit Trail Real-time Data Transfer Adherence to Industry Standards — IHE, HRS, ACC-NCDR, HL7 & More!

HISP Services

Secure Messaging using the Direct Protocol is an important method for the safe and secure exchange of health information. The ability to send authenticated, encrypted health information to known, trusted recipients gives providers, payers, and patients the ability to send and receive health information as part of care coordination, patient engagement, and other interactions that improve health outcomes and efficiency. Direct Secure Messaging provides a secure, scalable, and standards-based method for the exchange fo all Protected Health Information (PHI).